HTML Basics MCQs

11. Who invented HTML?

A. Hakon Wium Lie
B. Tim Bruce
C. Tim Berners-Lee
D. Guido van Rossum

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12. Which of the following in incorrect?

A. HTML can be used for creation of web pages
B. HTML is not a programming language.
C. HTML is a programming language.
D. HTML is a Markup language.

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13. Choose the correct option.

A. HTML files should have an extension .html
B. HTML files should have an extension .htm
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

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14. Choose the correct option.

A. Both HTML4 and HTML5 have local storage.
B. Both HTML4 and HTML5 do not have local storage.
C. Only HTML4 has local storage.
D. Only HTML5 has local storage.

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15. In HTML document, the part which is visible is between __________ and __________ tags.

A. <html> and </html>
B. <head> and </head>
C. <body> and </body>
D. <form> and </form>

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16. Which of the following defines the title of a work?

A. <cite>
B. <hr>
C. <a>
D. <address>

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17. Which of the following is the attribute that is used to set a global identifier for a microdata item?

A. key
B. id
C. itemclass
D. itemid

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18. HTML is a subset of

D. None of the above

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19. HTML uses

A. User defined tags
B. Pre-specified tags
C. Fixed tags defined by the language
D. Tags only for linking

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20. Which of the following is not a browser ?

A. Microsofts Bing
B. Netscape Navigator
C. Mozilla Firefox
D. Opera

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