Simple Interest Aptitude Questions and Answers

Simple Interest Questions - This section focuses on "Simple Interest" in Quantitative Aptitude. These Multiple Choice Questions (mcq) should be practiced to improve the Quantitative Aptitude skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements, entrance exams and other competitive examinations.

1. Find the simple interest on Rs 7000 at 50/3 % for 9 months?

A. 1075
B. 975
C. 875
D. 775

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2. Find the simple interest on the Rs. 2000 at 25/4% per annum for the period from 4th Feb 2005 to 18th April 2005?

A. 25
B. 20
C. 30
D. 15

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3. Sachin borrows Rs. 5000 for 2 years at 4% p.a. simple interest. He immediately lends money to Rahul at 25/4% p.a. for 2 years. Find the gain of one year by Sachin.

A. 105.5
B. 125.75
C. 112.5
D. 118.6

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4. If A lends Rs. 3500 to B at 10% p.a. and B lends the same sum to C at 11.5% p.a., then the gain of B (in Rs.) in a period of 3 years is:

A. 3000
B. 3100
C. 3200
D. 3300

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5. Sahil took a loan for 6 years at the rate of 5% per annum on Simple Interest, If the total interest paid was Rs. 1230, the principal was:

A. 3600
B. 4500
C. 3900
D. 4100

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6. Find the rate at Simple interest, at which a sum becomes four times of itself in 15 years

A. 0.2
B. 0.18
C. 0.22
D. 0.24

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7. If a sum of money doubles itself in 8 years at simple interest, the ratepercent per annum is

A. 0.12
B. 0.125
C. 0.14
D. 0.105

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8. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 2240 in 2 years and to Rs. 2600 in 5 years. What is the principal amount?

A. 1800
B. 1900
C. 2000
D. 2100

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9. At what rate percent per annum will the simple interest on a sum of money be 2/5 of the amount in 10 years

A. 0.01
B. 0.02
C. 0.03
D. 0.04

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10. A financier claims to be lending money at simple interest, But he includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes.

A. 0.1
B. 0.105
C. 0.1075
D. 0.1025

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