Partnership Aptitude Questions and Answers

This section focuses on "Partnership" in Quantitative Aptitude. These Multiple Choice Questions (mcq) should be practiced to improve the Quantitative Aptitude skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements, entrance exams and other competitive examinations.

1. P, Q, R invested in the ratio of 15:16:17. After the end of the business teram they receives the profit in the ratio 9:10:11. Find the ratio of time in which they invested in the business.

A. 934:1699:1578
B. 1224:1275:1320
C. 1578:1668:8096
D. 1668:1275:8096

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2. 3 partners A , B, C starts a business. 4 times of A's capital is equal to 6 times of B's Capital and B's Capital is 8 times of C's capital if profit of B is Rs.6300. Then find the average profit A and C.

A. 7000.5
B. 5118.75
C. 4475.25
D. 6475.25

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3.  X invested 13% more than Y's investment. Y invested 18% less than investment of Z. X's investment is what percent of investment made by both Y and Z?

A. 47.5
B. 50.9
C. 56.5
D. 43.5

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4. X invested three- nineth, Y invested three-seventh of the remaining and Zth remaining. If Y earned Rs.840 as profit pr each year. Find the average monthly profit of all.

A. 490
B. 510
C. 550
D. 570

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5. A Shop makes a profit of Rs. 85000 of which 15% as paid as taxes. If the rest is divided among the partners A,B,C in the ratio 8:7:6 then the total share of A and B is

A. 45807
B. 49603
C. 5167
D. 55431

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6. Rs.10500 is divided among P, Q and R. So that P receives half as much as Q and Q receives half as much as R. Then then total share of P and R is

A. 6551
B. 6952
C. 7500
D. 8000

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7. Ajay and vivek are active partner in a particular work. Ajay receive 1/7th of the capital for 84 months and vivek receives 1/8 th of the profit, for how long vivek amount was used?

A. 11
B. 8
C. 4
D. 2

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8. In a work A and B invested amounts in the ratio 7:9, whereas the ratio between amounts invested by A and C was 5:11. If Rs. 12750 was their profit, how much amount did B gained?

A. 2842
B. 2562
C. 2918
D. 2756

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9. Suja and Madhavi are partners in a business, Suja invests Rs.42000 for 9 months and Madhavi invests Rs.54000 for 12 months. Then, out of a profit of 38750 find suja’s profit?

A. 14323
B. 14950
C. 14651
D. 14276

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10. X, Y, Z subscribe is Rs.25000 for a business. X subscribes Rs.2000 more than Y and Y Rs.2500 more than Z. out of a total profit of Rs.17500, X receives

A. 7700
B. 7350
C. 7490
D. 7320

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