Pipes and Cistern Aptitude Questions and Answers

This section focuses on "Pipes and Cistern" in Quantitative Aptitude. These Multiple Choice Questions (mcq) should be practiced to improve the Quantitative Aptitude skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements, entrance exams and other competitive examinations.

1. A tube can fill a cistern in 18hrs.After half the cistern is filled, three more similar tubes are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the cistern completely ?

A. 9hrs 52min
B. 10hrs 15 min
C. 9hrs 45 min
D. 10hrs 30min

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2. Two taps can fill a tank in 4 hours and 5 hours .If two taps are operate simultaneously, In how much time will the tank be filled ?

A. 4hrs 18min
B. 10min 12min
C. 2hrs 13min
D. 12hrs 10min

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3. A pipe can fill the tank in 12 hours.Because of a leak in the tank it took 16(1/2) hours to fill the tank.If the tank is full,how much time will the leak take to empty it?

A. 18hrs51mins
B. 18hrs 20min
C. 18hrs 55min
D. 18hrs 40min

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4. One tap can fill a tank thrice as fast as another tap. If together the two taps can fill the tank in 12 minutes, then the slower tap alone will be able to fill the tank in

A. 30 min
B. 35 min
C. 32 min
D. 33 min

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5. Three taps P,Q,R can fill a bunker in 3 hrs. After working at it together for 1 hr, R is closed and P,Q can fill the remaining part in 3 hrs. The number of hrs taken by R alone to fill the bunker.

A. 7 hours
B. 8 hours
C. 9 hours
D. 10 hours

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6. An electric pump can fill a cistern in 6 hrs. Because of a leak in the cistern it took 7 hrs to fill the cistern. If the cistern is full, how much time will the leak take to empty it?

A. 40 hrs
B. 42 hrs
C. 44 hrs
D. 46 hrs

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7. A tank can be filled by a tap in 8 hrs while it can be emptied by another tap in 18 hrs. if both the taps are opened simultaneously, then after how much time will the cistern get filled?

A. 14 hrs 24 mins
B. 14 hrs 48 mins
C. 15 hrs 25 mins
D. 12 hrs 45 mins

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8. A dumper is filled in 15hrs by 3 tubes P,Q,and R. the tube R is thrice as fast as Q and Q is thrice as fast as P. How much time will tube Q alone take to fill the tank?

A. 195 hrs
B. 190 hrs
C. 185 hrs
D. 180 hrs

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9.  A tank can be filled by an inlet tap at the rate of 8 litres per minute. A leak in the bottom of a tank can empty the full tank in 16 hours. When the tank is full, the inlet is opened and due to the leak, the tank is empty in 80 hours. How many litres does the tank hold?

A. 8000 liters
B. 9560 liters
C. 8525 liters
D. 9600 liters

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10. Two faucet A and Bcan fill a cistern in 6 hours and 2 hours respectively. If they are opened on alternate hours and if faucet A is opened first, in how many hours will the cistern be full?

A. 4 hrs
B. 5 hrs
C. 6 hrs
D. 7 hrs

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