Hadoop MCQ Questions And Answers

Hadoop MCQs : This section focuses on "Basics" of Hadoop. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) should be practiced to improve the Hadoop skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements, entrance exams and other competitive examinations.

1. who was the developer of Hadoop language?

A. Apache Software Foundation
B. Hadoop Software Foundation
C. Sun Microsystems
D. Bell Labs

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2. The hadoop language wriiten in which language?

A. C
B. C++
C. Java
D. Python

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3. What was the Initial release date of hadoop?

A. 1st April 2007
B. 1st April 2006
C. 1st April 2008
D. 1st April 2005

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4. What license is Hadoop distributed under?

A. Apache License 2.1
B. Apache License 2.2
C. Apache License 2.0
D. Apache License 1.0

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5. IBM and ________ have announced a major initiative to use Hadoop to support university courses in distributed computer programming.

A. Google
B. Apple
C. Facebook
D. Microsoft

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6. On which platfrm hadoop langauge runs?

A. Bare metal
B. Debian
C. Cross-platform
D. Unix-Like

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7. Point out the correct statement.

A. Hadoop do need specialized hardware to process the data
B. Hadoop 2.0 allows live stream processing of real time data
C. In Hadoop programming framework output files are divided into lines or records
D. None of the above

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8. Which of the following fields come under the umbrella of Big Data?

A. Black Box Data
B. Power Grid Data
C. Search Engine Data
D. All of the above

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9. How many types of data is present?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 4

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10. Which of the following is not Features Of Hadoop?

A. Suitable for Big Data Analysis
B. Scalability
C. Robust
D. Fault Tolerance

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