Hadoop Hive MCQs

Hadoop Hive MCQs : This section focuses on "Hive" in Hadoop. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) should be practiced to improve the hadoop skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements, entrance exams and other competitive examinations.

1. Which of the following is/are INCORRECT with respect to Hive?

A. Hive provides SQL interface to process large amount of data
B. Hive needs a relational database like oracle to perform query operations and store data.
C. Hive works well on all files stored in HDFS
D. Both A and B

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2. Which of the following is not a Features of HiveQL?

A. Supports joins
B. Supports indexes
C. Support views
D. Support Transactions

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3. Which of the following operator executes a shell command from the Hive shell?

A. |
B. !
C. #
D. $

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4. Hive uses _________ for logging.

A. logj4
B. log4l
C. log4i
D. log4j

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5. HCatalog is installed with Hive, starting with Hive release is ___________

A. 0.10.0
B. 0.9.0
C. 0.11.0
D. 0.12.0

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6. _______ supports a new command shell Beeline that works with HiveServer2.

A. HiveServer2
B. HiveServer3
C. HiveServer4
D. HiveServer5

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7. The ________ allows users to read or write Avro data as Hive tables.

A. AvroSerde
B. HiveSerde
C. SqlSerde
D. HiveQLSerde

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8. Which of the following data type is supported by Hive?

A. map
B. record
C. string
D. enum

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9. We need to store skill set of MCQs(which might have multiple values) in MCQs table, which of the following is the best way to store this information in case of Hive?

A. Create a column in MCQs table of STRUCT data type
B. Create a column in MCQs table of MAP data type
C. Create a column in MCQs table of ARRAY data type
D. As storing multiple values in a column of MCQs itself is a violation

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10. Letsfindcourse is generating huge amount of data. They are generating huge amount of sensor data from different courses which was unstructured in form. They moved to Hadoop framework for storing and analyzing data. What technology in Hadoop framework, they can use to analyse this unstructured data?

A. MapReduce programming
B. Hive
D. None of the above

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