Accenture Analytical Reasoning Questions And Answers

Accenture Analytical Reasoning MCQs : This section focuses on "Analytical Reasoning" for Accenture Exam. These Analytical Reasoning MCQs are asked in previous Accenture placements/recruitment exams and will help you to prepare for upcoming Accenture drives.

1. Find the missing term in the series given below.
74, 75, 78, ?, 114, 195

A. 82
B. 87
C. 91
D. 92

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2. Statements:
Some forms are cards.
Some forms are papers
I. Atleast some cards are forms
II. Atleast some cards are papers.

A. if only conclusion I follows
B. if only conclusion II follows
C. if either I or II follows
D. if neither I nor II follows

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3. A is son B is married to C whose sister D is married to E the brother of B. How D is related to A?

A. Sister
B. Cousin
C. Sister-in-law
D. Daughter-in-law

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4. Sachin walks 20 km towards North. He turns left and walks 40 km. He again turns left and walks 20 km. Finally he moves 20 km after turning to the left. How far is he from his starting position?

A. 20 km
B. 30 km
C. 50 km
D. 60 km

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5. In a certain code MISSIONS is written as MSIISNOS. How is ONLINE written in that code?


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6. Exercise is to gym as eating is to?

A. Food
B. Dieting
C. Fitness
D. Restaurant

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7. Statement:
Should there be a dress code for the employees in the office?
I. Yes, why not?
II. No, dress code makes life monotonous.

A. Only argument II is strong.
B. Only argument I is strong.
C. Neither I nor II is strong.
D. Either I or II is strong.

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8. Pointing to Varman, Madhav said, I am the only son of one of the sons of his father. How is Varman related to Madhav?

A. Nephew
B. Uncle
C. Father
D. Father or Uncle

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9. In certain code TIGER is written as QDFHS. How is FISH written in that code?


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10. Artist is to painting as senator is to?

A. attorney
B. law
C. politician
D. constituents

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