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This website contains Wipro interview questions with answers. We have given Wipro interview questions faced by freshers and experienced in real interviews in Wipro Drives. Dear readers, these Wipro Interview questions have been specially designed so that you can get acquainted with the nature of the questions you may be ask during your interview.

1. What makes a macro faster than a function in the C programming language?

Answer:-Macros are sections of code in a programme that have been given a name. The compiler substitutes this name with the real piece of code whenever it encounters this name. To define a macro, use the '#define' directive. Macros can be defined either before or within the main method.

2. Explain Stack Unwinding in C++.

Answer:- Stack unwinding is the elimination of function entries from the function call stack during runtime. When an exception occurs in C++, there is a linear search in the function call stack for the exception handler. Any entries before the function with the exception handler will be deleted from the function call stack. In case the exception is not handled in the same code, stack unwinding is needed.

3. What are the functionalities of an operating system?

Answer:- These are some major functionalities of an operating system:

The operating system shares the Computer's memory and sharing of the central processing unit time by various applications and peripheral devices.
An operating system provides a user interface, i.e., graphical user interface and command line.
An operating system includes functionality for booting the computer.
Perform some basic tasks, i.e., managing the peripheral devices.
It provides file management which refers to the way that operating system stores, retrieves, manipulates, and saves data.

4. State the differences between public, static and void?

Answer:- The difference between public, static, and void are:

You can access public declared variables anywhere.
Static variables declared are globally accessible without creating any instance for the class.
Void is a type modifier that specifies the method that doesn't return any value.

5. Define the SQL Profiler?

Answer:- SQL Profiler is a profiler utility primarily used to track SQL Server connections and determine actions such as which SQL Scripts are running and which are failing, among other things.

6. What is a Null object?

Answer:- It’s a class object whose sole function is to signify the absence of a genuine object of that class. A return result from a member function that is expected to return an object with the specified properties but cannot locate one is the typical usage for a null object.

7. Explain precondition and postcondition to a member function in the context of C++ programming language?

Answer:- A precondition is a condition that must be met before a member function may be called. If preconditions are never false, a class is appropriately used. If a precondition fails to hold, the following function is not executed. For example, before inserting an element into a stack, we call the isfull() to check if the stack is full or not. Here, the isfull() is an example of a precondition.
A post-condition is a condition that must be true when a member function is exited if the precondition was true when the function was entered. For a code to be correctly implemented, the post-conditions must never be false For example, we know that isempty() must always hold after placing an element onto the stack. This is a push operation post-condition.

8. What are the types of Shells in Linux?

Answer:- There are different types of Shells including:

C Shell: It includes aliases and command history. It consists of features such as built-in math and C-like expression syntax. This makes programming easier.
The Bourne Shell: It is the first UNIX shell which is convenient and faster. Solaris operating system uses it as the default shell.
GNU Bourne-Again Shell: This shell can be used with the Bourne shell and includes the features of Korn and Bourne shell.
The Korn Shell: The Bourne shell is the subset of Korn shell. This shell supports everything in the Bourne shell. The shell includes interactive elements such as built-in arithmetic and C-like arrays, string manipulation facilities, etc. It is more efficient than C shell and works with scripts that are written in the C shell.

9. What is stored procedure?

Answer:- Stored procedures are a batch of SQL statements that can be executed in a couple of ways. Most of the DBMS support stored procedures; however, not all do. The stored procedure increases the reusability as here the code or the procedure is stored into the system and used again and again that makes the work easy.

10. What is Data binding?

Answer:- Data binding is a process of binding the application's UI and business logic. If any changes made in the business logic will reflect directly to the application UI.


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