Types of Polymer Elements

Elements in polymers are classified into several types, some of them are

Element Description Example
app elements The app element is used while we are building the entire application. The main features of these elements are routing, data storage. < app-route >
paper elements The paper elements consist of user interface components developed to create applications according to Google's content design guidelines. < paper-button >
iron elements The iron elements are basic fundamental units when we are building an application, the element is also known as "core" elements. < iron-image >
google elements The google element is a collection of web components that includes APIs and services for Google. < google-map >

iron-ajax element

The iron-ajax element are used to shows network request functionality.

< iron-ajax
\\URL(String):- URL target of the request
\\auto:- When the page load request will be made.
\\handle-as(String):- Specify the type of data stored in the response property.

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