Introduction To Polymer

Polymer Js is a JS library created by Google that allows reusing HTML elements to build applications with components.

Version Of Polymer.js

Version Version-Name Date
Polymer Polyfill Promises Polyfill 14.11.2013
Polymer 0.5 Polymer 0.5 Experiment 17.07.2014
Polymer 1.0 Polymer 1.0 Production-ready 27.05.2015
Polymer 1.5 Polymer 1.5 Added Support 31.05.2016
Polymer 2.0 Polymer 2.0 Web-native 15.03.2017
Polymer 3.0 Polymer 3.0 ES6 Modules 31.03.2018

First Polymer Application

Follow the steps to create the first polymer application.

1. Create an application with the name 'MyApp' using the following CLI command:

D:\MyApp>polymer init

2. Choose the option called "Polymer-3-Application-A Simple Polymer 3.0 Application" as shown below:

Polymer-3-Application-A Simple Polymer 3.0 Application
\\We can specify the type of starter template
D:\MyApp>polymer init Polymer 3.0 Application

3. Enter information like application name, key element name and all application details.

4.Select the folder and run the project using the command:

Features of Polymer.js

This are the some features of polymer:-
1. It uses Google material design for the development of hybrid mobile application.
2. Uses the web component standards for the creation of reusable widgets
3. It provides the polyfills.
4. It distributes custom elements throughout the network and users can use these elements with the help of HTML import.

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