C++ Environment Setup

To start learning C++ programming, all you need to do is to install the C++ compiler in your system, and nowadays both C and C++ compilers come as a single integrated package, in which both C and C++ programs serves the purpose of development.

What is compiler in C++?

The compiler is a computer program that transforms human readable (programming language) source code into another computer language (machine) code.

In simple words, the compiler takes the code that you wrote and converted it into machine code that computer can understand.

IDE Available for C++:

    1. Code::Blocks
    2. Borland C++
    3. Microsoft Visual C++
    4. Turbo C++ and many more

For Linux:

For installing the compiler on the Linux/ Unix operating system, the GCC must be installed on the system.
Once installed, add the following command to the command line.

$ g++ -v

The appropriate message is displayed if the GCC is installed on the user system

Mac OS X Installation

For installing the GCC, download the Xcode development from the Xcode apple website.
The installation instructions are available at the web page.
Follow them and complete the installation process.

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