Java MCQ Questions - Threads

This section focuses on the "Threads" in Java programming. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) should be practiced to improve the Java programming skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements and other competitive examinations.

1. What is the name of the method used to start a thread execution?

A. run();
B. init();
C. start();
D. resume();

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2. Which cannot directly cause a thread to stop executing?

A. Calling the SetPriority() method on a Thread object.
B. Calling read() method on an InputStream object.
C. Calling notify() method on an object.
D. Calling the wait() method on an object.

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3. Which of the following will directly stop the execution of a Thread?

A. notify()
B. notifyall()
C. wait()
D. exits synchronized code

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4. Which function of pre defined class Thread is used to check weather current thread being checked is still running?

A. isAlive()
B. Alive()
C. isRunning()
D. Join()

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5. Which method must be defined by a class implementing the java.lang.Runnable interface?

A. public void run()
B. void run()
C. void run(int priority)
D. public void start()

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6. Assume the following method is properly synchronized and called from a thread A on an object B: wait(2000); After calling this method, when will the thread A become a candidate to get another turn at the CPU?

A. After thread A is notified, or after two seconds.
B. Two seconds after thread A is notified.
C. After the lock on B is released, or after two seconds.
D. Two seconds after lock B is released.

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7. Which will contain the body of the thread?

A. main();
B. stop();
C. start();
D. run();

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8. Which class or interface defines the wait(), notify(),and notifyAll() methods?

A. Object
B. Class
C. Runnable
D. Thread

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9. Which of these method of Thread class is used to find out the priority given to a thread?

A. ThreadPriority()
B. get()
C. getPriority()
D. getThreadPriority()

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10. Which of these method of Thread class is used to Suspend a thread for a period of time?

A. stop()
B. sleep()
C. terminate()
D. suspend()

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