Oracle Analytical Reasoning Questions & Answers

Oracle Analytical Reasoning MCQs : This section focuses on "Analytical Reasoning" for Oracle Exam. These Analytical Reasoning MCQs are asked in previous Oracle placements/recruitment exams and will help you to prepare for upcoming Oracle drives.

1. 1, 4, 27, 16, ?, 36, 343

A. 25
B. 87
C. 120
D. 125

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2. Statement: Vegetable prices are soaring in the market.
Conclusions: I. Vegetables are becoming a rare commodity.
II. People cannot eat vegetables.

A. if only conclusion I follows
B. if only conclusion II follows
C. if neither I nor II follows
D. if either I nor II follows

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3. In a certain code language, '297' means 'tie clip button'. Which number means 'button'?
I. In that language '926' means 'clip your tie'.
II. In that language '175' means 'hole and button'.

A. if the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question
B. if the data in statement II alone are sufficient answer the question
C. if the data even in both the statements together are not sufficient to answer the question
D. if the data either in I or II alone are sufficient to answer the question

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4. A's mother's son's only sister is B. How is A related to C, if B is the mother of C's daughter ?

A. Brother
B. Brother-in-law
C. Uncle
D. Nephew

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5. In a certain code language if the word PANCREAS is coded as SAERCNAP, then how is the word STADIUM coded in that language?


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6. In a certain code 'MOTHER' is written as 'ONHURF'. How will 'ANSWER' be written in that code?


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7. Book:publisher::film:?

A. producer
B. director
C. editor
D. writer

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8. Showing the man receiving the prize, Saroj said, "He is the brother of my uncle's daughter." Who is the man to Saroj?

A. Son
B. Brother-in-law
C. Nephew
D. Cousin

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9. x _ x x _ x _ x y x x _ x _

A. y y x x y
B. x x x y x
C. x y x y x
D. y y y x x

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10. Up,down,below,above,small. Pick the odd one out

A. Up
B. down
C. below
D. small

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