Deloitte Analytical Reasoning Questions & Answers

Deloitte Analytical Reasoning MCQs : This section focuses on "Analytical Reasoning" for Deloitte Exam. These Analytical Reasoning MCQs are asked in previous Deloitte placements/recruitment exams and will help you to prepare for upcoming Deloitte drives.

1. Choose the word which is different from the rest.

A. Scallop
B. Mussel
C. Oyster
D. Clam

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2. What will be the next term in the following series? A B B D C F D H E J

A. N
B. O
C. K
D. F

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3. I am facing south. Turning to the left I go 20m, then turning to the right I go 15m, and turning to the right I go 10m, then turning to left I go 10m and turning to right I go 20m, then again turning to right I go 25m. In which direction am I from my original position?

A. East
B. West
C. North
D. South

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4. Pointing to a man, a lady said, he is the son of my husband s daughter. How is the man related to this lady?

A. Son
B. Daughter
C. Grandson
D. Father

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5. In a class of 45 students, Aravind’s rank from the top is 16th. Basha is 6 ranks below Aravind. What is Basha’s rank from the bottom?

A. 23rd
B. 24th
C. 30th
D. 32nd

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6. REPORT is related to UGSQUV in the same way as LONGER is related to


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7. Statement: Should cell phones be allowed to be used in the classroom?
I. Yes. Cell phones give students access to tools and apps that can help them complete and stay on top of their class work.
II. No. Cell phones can be used by students to access information while taking a test, leading to cheating.

A. Only argument I is strong
B. Only argument II is strong
C. Neither I nor II is strong
D. Both I and II are strong

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8. A training programme on Advertising is to be organized for 45 participants, fee per participant being Rs.6,000 and the duration of course is 6 days.

A. If the programme is to be organized in Hotel Taj
B. If the programme is to be organized in Hotel Sideways
C. If the data is inadequate
D. If the programme is to be organized in Hotel Sausy

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9. In a row of children, Darshini is 7th from the left and Vikas is 9th from the right. When they interchange their places among themselves, Darshini becomes 18th From the left. Then what will be Vikas present position from the right?

A. 20th
B. 18th
C. 17th
D. 15th

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10. Which of the following will come next in the following series?
a z a b y a b c x a b c d w a b c d

A. a
B. y
C. e
D. u

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