Best Programming Interview Books


These books focus continues to be on teaching you the techniques and approaches you need to be successful in programming interviews. All books reinforce these by illustrating the thought process that leads to the solution of each of the problems.

These books will help prepare you for the interviews you will face when seeking a job in programming, development, technical consulting, or any other field that warrants a programming interview. Programming interviews bear link resemblance to those described in traditional job-hunting and interview books. They consist almost entirely of programming problems, puzzles, and technical questions.

Best Coding Interview Books

1. Cracking the Coding Interview

Author :- Gayle Laakmann McDowell
Edition :- 2015 Edition
Published by :- CareerCup

Learn how to uncover the hints and hidden details in a question, discover how to break down a problem into manageable chunks, develop techniques to unstick yourself when stuck, learn (or re-learn) core computer science concepts, and practice on 189 interview questions and solutions.
A behind the scene look at how top companies like Google and Facebook hire developers. - Techniques to prepare for and ace the soft side of the interview: behavioral questions. - For interviewers and companies: details on what makes a good interview question and hiring process..

2. Coding Interview Questions

Author :- Narasimha Karumanchi
Edition :- 3rd Edition
Published by :- Career Monk

"Coding Interview Questions" is a book that presents interview questions in simple and straightforward manner with a clear-cut explanation. This book will provide an introduction to the basics. It comes handy as an interview and exam guide for computer scientists.

3. Elements of Programming Interviews: The Insiders' Guide

Author :- Adnan Aziz, Tsung-hsien Lee, Amit Prakash
Edition :- 2018 Edition
Published by :- Amazon Digital Services

Elements of Programming Interviews (EPI) aims to help engineers interviewing for software development positions. The primary focus of EPI is data structures, algorithms, system design, and problem solving skills. The material is largely presented through problems.
Interviewing successfully is about more than being able to intelligently select data structures and design algorithms quickly. For example, you also need to know how to identify suitable companies, pitch yourself, ask for help when you are stuck on an interview problem, and convey your enthusiasm.

4. Programming Interviews Exposed: Coding Your Way Through the Interview

Author :- John Mongan, Noah Kindler, Eric Giguère
Edition :- 4th Edition
Published by :- Wrox

Once you've learned the skills taught in this book you'll continue to learn by applying them to the problems you find in other books and on the web, but this is the book you want to start with.
The content of the book has expanded significantly since the first edition and the languages employed have shifted, we've stayed true to the goals and approach we set out then, described in the original preface, which follows.

5. Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

Author :- Peter Seibel
Edition :- 2009 Edition
Published by :- Apress

Peter Seibel interviews 15 of the most interesting computer programmers alive today in Coders at Work, offering a companion volume to Apress’s highly acclaimed best-seller Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston.
Peter Seibel focuses on how his interviewees tackle the day-to-day work of programming, while revealing much more, like how they became great programmers, how they recognize programming talent in others, and what kinds of problems they find most interesting.

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