Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Books


There is impressive evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Al) which aims breach any area of human activities to reduce the efforts of people related to boring daily jobs. Al is defined as the capacity of a computer to perform tasks commonly associated with human beings.

Below mention books will help the learner in learning Artificial Intelligence from beginner level to advance level.

Here you will find the 10 best Artificial Intelligence books recommended by experts.

Best Artificial Intelligence Books

1. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Author :- Russell
Edition :- 3rd Edition
Published by :- Pearson Education India

This edition captures the changes that have taken place in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) since the last edition in 2003. There have been important applications of AI technology, such as the widespread deployment of practical speech recognition, machine translation, autonomous vehicles and household robotics.
There have been algorithmic landmarks, such as the solution of the game of checkers. There has also been a great deal of theoretical progress, particularly in areas such as probabilistic reasoning, machine learning and computer vision.

2. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Author :- Max Tegmark
Edition :- 2018 Edition
Published by :- Penguin

This is the most important conversation of our time, and Tegmark's thought-provoking book will help you join it' Stephen Hawking.THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. DAILY TELEGRAPH AND THE TIMES BOOKS OF THE YEAR SELECTED AS ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2018
Taking us to the heart of the latest thinking about AI, Max Tegmark, the MIT professor whose work has helped mainstream research on how to keep AI beneficial, separates myths from reality, utopias from dystopias, to explore the next phase of our existence.

3. Artificial Intelligence by Example

Author :- Denis Rothman
Edition :- 2018 Edition
Published by :- Ingram short title

This book serves as a starting point for you to understand how AI is built, with the help of intriguing examples and case studies. Artificial Intelligence By Example will make you an adaptive thinker and help you apply concepts to real-life scenarios.
Using some of the most interesting AI examples, right from a simple chess engine to a cognitive chatbot, you will learn how to tackle the machine you are competing with. You will study some of the most advanced machine learning models, understand how to apply AI to blockchain and IoT, and develop emotional quotient in chatbots using neural networks

4. Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction

Author :- Tom Taulli
Edition :- 2019 Edition
Published by :- Apress

Author Tom Taulli provides an engaging, non-technical introduction to important concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, and more. In addition to guiding you through real-world case studies and practical implementation steps
In this book, you will learn core principles for AI, case studies ( Uber, Facebook, Waymo, UiPath, and Stitch Fix), how AI capabilities for robots can improve business, how to Deploy chatbots and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), examine the secular trends.

5.Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders

Author :- Mariya Yao, Adelyn Zhou, Marlene Jia
Edition :- 2018 Edition
Published by :- TOPBOTS

The first part of this book, "What Business Leaders Need to Know," gives executives an essential education in the state of artificial intelligence today. We recommend reading this part in full before pursuing AI projects for your organization.
In the second part of our book, "How to Develop an Enterprise AI Strategy," we walk you through the strategic and methodological steps required to implement successful AI projects for your company. These chapters act as a reference guide as you are building your initiatives. Read through them once to familiarize yourself with the content, and then refer back to specific sections as needed during your projects.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Author :- Parag Suresh Mahajan MD
Edition :- 2018 Edition
Published by :- Parag Suresh Mahajan

If you want to know the relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) & healthcare, & how AI is improving healthcare then this book is for you.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing all aspects of healthcare & this book is intended to be your companion on this journey.
AI book that guides you about the current state and future applications of AI in healthcare, including those under development, in a simple to understand language.
The book is all about ethical concerns related to the use of AI in healthcare, principles of AI & how it works, the vital role of AI in all major medical specialties and health insurance, & the role of start-ups and corporate players in AI in healthcare.

7. Artificial Intelligence Engines

Author :- James V Stone
Edition :- 2019 Edition
Published by :- Sebtel Press

In this book, key neural network learning algorithms are explained informally first, followed by detailed mathematical analyses. Topics include both historically important neural networks and modern deep neural networks.Online computer programs, collated from open source repositories, give hands-on experience of neural networks, and PowerPoint slides provide support for teaching.


Edition :- 3rd Edition
Published by :- PHI Learning

The first part starts with an introduction to AL The historical aspects, the various s applications and branches of AI. The second part of the book starts by explaining the various types of learning and a LI brief introduction to the machine learning system.
This text will be helpful for AI researchers and students. There are many textbooks that offer introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning separately.
The following features distinguish this text from others: application-focused and hands-on approach to learning the sections, many case studies for each machine learning algorithm, Most of the sections are supported with examples and illustrations.

9. Artificial Intelligence for Humans

Author :- Jeff Heaton
Edition :- 2013 Edition
Published by :- Createspace Independent Pub

This book teaches basic Artificial Intelligence algorithms such as dimensionality, distance metrics, clustering, error calculation, hill climbing, Nelder Mead, and linear regression. These are not just foundational algorithms for the rest of the series, but are very useful in their own right.
The reader needs only a knowledge of basic college algebra or computer programminG anything more complicated than that is thoroughly explained. Every chapter also includes a programming example.

10. Artificial Intelligence: An Essential Beginner’s Guide to AI

Author :- Neil Wilkins
Edition :- 2019 Edition
Published by :- Neil Wilkins

This book will give you a glimpse into the most fascinating topic of the 21st century—artificial intelligence (AI), a hypothetical simulation of a living brain inside a computer.

Some of the areas addressed in this book include:
• How the media's hunger for attention spreads AI myths
• How tech companies get more funding by claiming they use AI
• How scientists want to worship AI like a god and see themselves as priests
• The structure of the human brain and the urges that power it
• Big Data and how it impacts the possible creation of AI
• Theoretical methods of making a thinking computer
• The impact of seminal inventions on society
• Possible AI implementation, including use cases

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