Best C Programming Books


C is a general-purpose high level language that was originally developed by Dennis Ritchie for the Unix operating system. These books includes various programming concepts and techniques in C Programming language. These books will help you to learn the C programming concepts like datatypes, functions, memory management, file handling etc. Also, the learner will be able to develop a console based applications. These books will also help you to learn advanced concepts of the C programming language.

Here you will find the 10 best C Programming Language books to learn C from beginner level to advance level.

Top C Programming Books

1. The C Programming Language

Author :- Brian. W Kernighan
Edition :- 2nd Edition
Published by :- Pearson Education(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

C Programming Language 2nd Edition is a book that gives you just what you need to know about this powerful programming language.This book proves itself to be a complete and accurate guide for ANSI standard C programming language. It has been written by the very same developers who developed C, which is beneficial for its readers, as it gives them the edge over other books.
The feature of the books are : The book is packed with multiple examples and problem sets and the recent edition of the book is inclusive of all the latest changes that have been made to the language.

2. Let Us C

Author :- Yashavant Kanetkar
Edition :- 16th Edition
Published by :- BPB

This book in not only its previous fourteen English editions, but also in the Hindi, guajarati, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and us editions.
Table of Contents: getting started C instructions decision control instruction more complex decision making loop control instruction more complex repetitions case control instruction functions pointers recursion data types Revisited the C pre-processor arrays multidimensional arrays strings handling multiple strings structures console input/ output file input/ output more issues in input/ output operations on bits Miscellaneous features C.

3. Head First C: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Author :- David Griffiths and Dawn Griffiths
Edition :- 2012 Edition
Published by :- Shroff

This book helps you learn the C language with a unique method that goes beyond syntax and how-to manuals and helps you understand how to be a great programmer. You'll learn key areas such as language basics, pointers and pointer arithmeticand dynamic memory managementand with advanced topics such as multi-threading and network programming
The book features labs: projects intended to stretch your abilities, test your new skillsand build confidence. You'll go beyond the basics of the language and learn how to use the compiler, the make tool and the archiver to tackle real-world problems.

4. C: The Complete Reference

Author :- Herbert Schildt
Edition :- 4th Edition
Published by :- McGraw Hill Education

Another gem from Herb Schildt--best-selling programming author with more than 2.5 million books sold! C: The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition gives you full details on C99, the New ANSI/ISO Standard for C.
You'll get in-depth coverage of the C language and function libraries as well as all the newest C features, including restricted pointers, inline functions, variable-length arrays, and complex math. This jam-packed resource includes hundreds of examples and sample applications.


Edition :- 1994 Edition
Published by :- Pearson Education India

There are already dozens and dozens of books on programming in C—what's different about this one? Expert C Programming should be every programmer's second book on C.
Most of the lessons, tips, and techniques here aren't found in any other book. They are usually pencilled in the margin of well-thumbed manuals or on the backs of old printouts, if they are written down at all. The knowledge has been accumulated over years of C programming by the author and colleagues in Sun's Compiler and Operating System groups.

6. Learn C the Hard Way

Author :- Zed A. Shaw
Edition :- 2015 Edition
Published by :- Addison Wesley

In Learn C the Hard Way, you’ll learn C by working through 52 brilliantly crafted exercises. You’ll learn what good, modern C programs look like; how to think more effectively about code; and how to find and fix mistakes far more efficiently. Most importantly, you’ll master rigorous defensive programming techniques, so you can use any language to create software that protects itself from malicious activity and defects.

7. Programming in ANSI C

Author :- E Balagurusamy
Edition :- 8th Edition
Published by :- McGraw Hill Education

A comprehensive book covering the fundamentals as well as latest features of C programming.Each chapter follows an outcome-based learning approach as per 'Bloom's Taxonomy'.
Strong pedagogical features that include: Worked out problems, Tips and important notes, 24 detailed case studies, Multiple choice questions, Programming and debugging questions, Interview questions
Two new and exciting projects on: Electricity Board Management System, Making Web Services in C.

8. Practical C Programming

Author :- Steve Oualline
Edition :- 3rd Edition
Published by :- O'Reilly

This book is devoted to practical C programming. This book emphasizes the skills you will need to do real-world programming. It teaches you not only the mechanics of the C language, but the entire life cycle of a C program as well (including the program's conception, design, code, methods, debugging, release, documentation, maintenance, and revision).
This handbook is written for people with no previous programming experience or programmers who already know C and want to improve their style and reliability. You should have access to a computer and know how to use the basic functions such as a text editor and the filesystem.

9. C in Depth

Author :- S.K.Srivastava and Deepali Srivastava
Edition :- 3rd Edition
Published by :- BPB Publications

In the third edition of the book ‘C in depth’, the authors explain the basics of the programming language while maintaining the integrity and clarity of the programs. The book can be utilized by both beginners and advanced level programmers as a self-evaluation and learning source.
There are more than 310 programs with explanations to illustrate the concepts of programming and over 450 exercises to challenge the readers in programming. These exercises are accompanied by solutions and hints where deemed necessary.

10. Introduction to C programming

Author :- Reema Thareja
Edition :- 2015 Edition
Published by :- Oxford University Press

The book starts with an introduction to programming in general followed by a detailed introduction to C programming. It then delves into a complete analysis of various constructs of C such as decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, structure and union, file management, and pre-processor directives.
It also provides a separate chapter on linked list detailing the various kinds of linked lists and how they are used to allocate memory dynamically.

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