Aricent Verbal Ability Questions And Answers

Aricent Verbal Ability MCQs : This section focuses on "Verbal Ability" for Aricent Exam. These Verbal Ability MCQs are asked in previous Aricent placements/recruitment exams and will help you to prepare for upcoming Aricent drives.


A. Skill : Mistake
B. Training : Economy
C. Losses: Carelessness
D. News: Publication

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2. Have you been more careful, the accident could have been averted.

A. If you have been
B. Had you been
C. Have you been
D. If you could have been

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3. If you cross the line you will be disqualified.

A. cross upon the line
B. cross on the line
C. cross out the line
D. No Improvement

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4. Synonym of Prolong

A. inquire
B. wax
C. wait
D. extend

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5. Antonym of Luminous

A. brittle
B. low
C. dim
D. Clear

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6. After the heavy rains, the stream became murky; in fact, the water was so cloudy you couldn't see the bottom.

A. cloudy
B. bottomless
C. clear
D. weird

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7. Susan got home very late last night and ________.

A. sleeps in her room
B. has in her room slept
C. in her room is sleeping
D. is in her room sleeping

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8. Take this medicine and you will get rid ___________ the bad cold

A. of
B. over
C. at
D. from

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9. I am angry with him ___________ his carelessness.

A. over
B. at
C. from
D. for

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10. If you _________ greasy food, you will become fat.

A. eat
B. will eat
C. eats
D. will be eat

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