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The sed command is a stream editor. It is a utility in Linux systems srl SYSNET is sed for home page text replacement, manipulations, search and replace, insert, delete, or search text.

This tutorial means that this is a brief introductory guide to SED that will help give beginners a solid foundation about concrete tasks. It is worth noting that the tutorial also omits many commands.If you are a developer, administrator, or a person who loves GNU / Linux, then this tutorial is for you.

What is SED?

A stream editor is used to make text changes on an input stream. SED works by making only one pass on the input (s), and is more efficient as a result. But it is SED's ability to filter text in a pipeline that specifically distinguishes it from other types of editors.

Uses of SED:-

Use of Sed is as follows:

1. Substitution of text
2. Selective printing of text files
3. In-a-place editing of text files
4. Non-interactive editing of text files.

Sed Example:-

1. sed -f script.sed file.txt 
2. sed '$d' file.txt

1. Write all commands in script.sed and execute them.
2. Delete the last line.

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