Introduction To MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source document oriented database written in C++.In MongoDB, data is stored in JSON format in key-valued pairs, called documents, that are equivalent to rows in RDBMS.Many documents are stored in what is called a collection in MongoDB. MongoDB is considered schema-less because it can store documents having varying sets of fields with different types of each field.

Features of MongoDB:

The major Features of MongoDB −

1. It supports flexible schemas at the document level, which may differ from one document to another.
2. It has rich query language that supports CRUD operations.
3. It does not need complex joins because documents can be embedded within each other.
4. Support for indexes for faster querying

This tutorial is designed for software professionals who are interested in learning MongoDB database in simple and easy steps.The course will help you learn how to create databases, documents and collections, perform sort and projection operations on collection or documents.

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