C++ Programming Multiple Choice Questions - References

This section focuses on the "References" in C++ programming langauge. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) should be practiced to improve the C++ programming skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

1.Reference is like a?

A. Pointer
B. Structure
C. Array
D. None of above

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2. A References is :

A. A variable that holds memory address.
B. A Alias to an existing variable.
C. Alias to an existing variable and holds memory address.
D. None of the above

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3. A variable can be declared as reference by putting _______ in the declaration.

A. #
B. $
C. &
D. *

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4. If a function receives a reference to a variable, can it modify the value of the variable?

A. Yes
B. No
C. We can not pass reference to a variable.
D. Reference can not contain function.

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5. Through references we can avoid?

A. wastage of memory
B. wastage of CPU time
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

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6. References can be NULL?

A. References has constant value 0.
B. References has constant value \0.
C. Yes.
D. No.

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7. How many objects reference can refer during its lifetime?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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8. Dereference operator is also called as

A. pointer
B. Reference operator
C. Offset operator
D. Deoffset operator

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9. Which operator is used to de-references to an object?

A. #
B. &
C. *
D. None of the above

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10. Which of the following is an advantage of reference?

A. Safer
B. Easier to use
C. Time consuming
D. Both A and B

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