Software Engineering Quiz

Play this quiz that will help you to excel in Software Engineering certification exams, placements etc. This Software Engineering quiz consist of 10 questions that you need to solve in 10 minutes. We’ve specially designed this quiz so that you can quickly acquaint to the pattern of questions you can be asked in placement drives, certification exams etc. This Software Engineering test enables you to assess your knowledge of Software Engineering.

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Software Engineering Quiz

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Software Engineering Quiz

1. Size Metrics denoted by?


2. HIPO model was developed by?

AT&T Labs

3. Which of the following is the Characteristics of good software?

All of the above

4. What is level 2 in DFD means?

Highest abstraction level DFD is known as Level 2.
Level 2 DFD depicts basic modules in the system and flow of data among various modules.
Level 2 DFD shows how data flows inside the modules mentioned in Level 1.
All of the above

5. Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding the Class-responsibility-collaborator (CRC) modeling ?

All use-case scenarios (and corresponding use-case diagrams) are organized into categories in CRC modelling
The review leader reads the use-case deliberately
Only developers in the review (of the CRC model) are given a subset of the CRC model index cards
All of the above

6. Waterfall model is not suitable for:

Small projects
Complex projects
Accommodating changes
Maintenance Projects

7. Which process is used to achieve system specification by thoroughly analyzing, understanding the existing system?

Program Restructuring
Reverse Engineering
Forward Engineering
None of the above

8. Which of the following is not a type of CASE tool?

Diagram tools
Process Modeling Tools
Documentation Tools
Testing tool

9. In how many categories software Maintenance is classified?


10. Which of the following defines the degree of intra-dependability within elements of a module?

Design Verification
None of the above