Digital Marketing Quiz

Play this quiz that will help you to excel in Digital Marketing certification exams, placements etc. This Digital Marketing quiz consist of 10 questions that you need to solve in 10 minutes. We’ve specially designed this quiz so that you can quickly acquaint to the pattern of questions you can be asked in placement drives, certification exams etc. This Digital Marketing test enables you to assess your knowledge of Digital Marketing.

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Digital Marketing MCQs

Practice Digital Marketing MCQ Questions, which will help you to understand how to use online based digital technologies and platforms to promote products and services.

Digital Marketing Quiz

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Digital Marketing Quiz

1. What is meant by "Marketing Creative"?

The employees in the marketing department
The methods used to distribute marketing material
The branding image of the company
The content for marketing and its creative aspect

2. The focus of web analytics is to understand the?

users of a site
User behavior
User activities
All of the above

3. What is an ad group?

An ad group is a collection of related keywords and ads.
An ad group is a collection of related ads.
An ad group is a collection of related campaign settings and ads.
An ad group is a library of your ads grouped by category.

4. Blogs are web pages created by an individual or a group of individuals.

Can be true or false
Can not say

5. Create video thumbnails and try to use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it is the most used in YouTube players and previews.

Can be true or false
Can not say

6. What are the goals that marketers should strive for in email marketing?

Spend less time on email marketing.
Increase open rates and click rates.
Increase spam rates.
Decrease deliverability rates.

7. What are the two types of targeting that can be done with PPC advertising?

Reaching people by demography and reaching people by interest
Reaching new prospects and reaching prior visitors (Remarketing)
Reaching people who search and people who visit websites
Reaching people through Retargeting and reaching people through Remarketing

8. Which of these marketing efforts would NOT be an effective use of campaign trackers?

Display advertising campaigns
Email marketing campaigns
Social media campaigns
Television advertising campaigns

9. Which of the following is true?

You can leverage paid advertising to put your best content in front of the right target audience.
Before creating more social media platforms, B2C content marketers should make sure that they're using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as effectively as possible.
To make your social media content an effective B2C marketing tactic, you should understand the unique characteristics of each social platform you consider working with.
All of the above

10. If you are building a brand new PPC account; and you want to start with your top converting terms, where is a good place to research where to find these terms?

Your analytics account
Your search console account
Your merchant center account
Your local business account