SymPy MCQ Questions & Answers

SymPy MCQs : This section focuses on "SymPy" of Python library. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) should be practiced to improve the SymPy skills required for various interviews (campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews), placements, entrance exams and other competitive examinations.

1. ___________ is a Python library for performing symbolic computation.

A. SciPy
B. SymPy
C. Seaborn
D. rxpy

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2. First version of SymPy published in?

A. 2005
B. 2006
C. 2007
D. 2008

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3. The output for the below code snippet is :

import math 
print (math.sqrt(25), math.sqrt(7))

A. 4.0 2.6457513110645907
B. 5.0 3.6457513110645907
C. 5.0 1.6457513110645907
D. 5.0 2.6457513110645907

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4. How many subclasses number class has?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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5. The output for the below code snippet is :

from sympy import Float 

A. 1
B. 1.3
C. 1.33
D. 1.4

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6. SymPy has a RealNumber class that acts as alias for Float.

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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7. Which number in SymPy defines as singleton classes?

A. 0
B. 1
C. -1
D. Both A and B

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8. ________ function is used to convert any arbitrary expression such that it can be used as a SymPy expression.

A. evalf()
B. sympify()
C. lambdify()
D. None of the above

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9. evalf() function evaluates a given numerical expression upto a given floating point precision upto ______ digits.

A. 1
B. 10
C. 100
D. 1000

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10. Symbol is the most important class in symPy library.

A. Yes
B. No
C. Can be yes or no
D. Can not say

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