Top 5 Highest Paying IT Fields for 2021

Top 5 Highest Paying IT Fields for 2021

In this article we are going to talk about the top five IT fields or you can say top five IT paths. The IT industry is really a big and gigantic industry and it's equally confusing for a new beginner.So, In this article we will try to give you these top five paths so that you can pick each one of these fields or either one of these fields and can have a goal-oriented learning sector.
This will help you quite a lot and for the next couple of years you can just pick up a field and can keep on moving in that fields.So let's go ahead and get started with these top five IT fields.

5 Best Highest Paying IT Fields for 2021

1. Programming

Programming in itself is a really gigantic field, it requires years of learning curve and it's a never-ending field. Every single day you're going to see new frameworks are coming out, one day python language is on top, another day javascript language is on top and that's the beauty about this entire field. If you want to go for programming we are putting a lot under this umbrella. It requires back-end engineers, front-end engineers, somebody who's gonna create the api, somebody who's gonna handle the apis, somebody who's to write the database, somebody is going to write routes, back-end developers, front-end developers, mobile application developer, database engineers there's a lot going on in this field but the good thing is that it's really an amazing community to work on. With this choice programming is one of our favorite things in the entire IT sector and shortly we can consider that programming is one of the backbone fields of the entire IT industry. No doubt a lot of people believe that in the IT industry, programming is everything and that's it, which is really far from the truth that's not how the IT industry works. A lot in the IT industry happens around data too.

2. Data

There are a lot of jobs which are surrounded with data like data analytics, data scientist and a whole lot of fancy names being given to the data. Now although this data field is a little bit tough for the beginners to get started because none of the company is going to hand you over the data on the very first day as your job. This is a transition which happens after programming but surely there are so many companies which process a lot of data which also does a whole lot of things with the data. In this field you're going to need skills around sql and a whole lot about database queries and also recently we are processing a lot of data using some libraries, python is really popular in that category, R programming is another language that you can use. You will be handling a lot of business logic like which segment of the user should get an email, which segment of users should get notification. Now, data is another IT sector field which requires a lot of skill and you can definitely opt this one out.So this can be a great field if you don't like programming.

3. Devops/Cloud

Cloud along with the devops which includes your responsibility of moving things from development to production is really amazing and you should know how you're going to scale your application, your servers horizontally or vertically and how you're going to introduce elasticity. Now, in the cloud industry we all are biased towards amazon but this doesn't mean that the google cloud or the microsoft azure are less capable, they are equally good. So this is also one of the fields of IT. This definitely requires a little bit knowledge of programming which is going to include some of the cron jobs and a whole lot of scripts that you're going to be writing but not that much involved as compared to programming. So if you are somebody who is not really a fan of programming and want to still be connected into the IT industry you should definitely give it a try to the devops as well as cloud.

4. UI/UX

UI/UX is an amazing field. It doesn't require any programming knowledge although if you have little bit basics about how application is designed, it's always an additional thing but let us tell you something about from our experience having a knowledge of programming is like having a superpower but on top of that if you add UI/UX skill, it's like having an additional super power. UI/UX is a long process. It takes a little bit of time to understand which font will work, which font will not work, which color clicks, which color doesn't click. We think this is an amazing field which anybody can get started with. All of the tools currently are fully capable of handling UI/UX whether it's photoshop, illustrator, xd, figma and sketch. There is one thing we all love about learning the things, it's a process and one day things just clicks to you and you start working in that and we would say this is a great and growing field with so many industries coming up with the SEO, digital marketing agency, it's really amazing everybody needs a designer and on top of the designer if you have UI/UX skills you're gonna kill it.

5. Testing

Testing is an amazing and ever growing field. If you don't like programming but programming is involved in testing too but not that much as programming is involved in the production of an application. Now as long as applications are going to be keep on coming up as long as the application are gonna have updates new features they all need testing. Now testing doesn't mean that you're gonna make your application bug free, that is not even a concept in the programming world. If an application is there it's going to have its bug but if you're not doing testing then it's going to be another nightmare. There's a lot of types of testing that going on: unit testing, production testing, reliability testing, performance testing, penetration testing for security purposes.
Testing is there with a lot of frameworks like selenium, mocha. In addition to that there are some UI based testing tool.Testing is one such great and very in-depth field and when we move on to penetration testing and security testing that's another open world. Now these allow you to have more affirmative testing about the vulnerabilities that your application potentially may have or may get some of the data leaks but testing doesn't require that much of programming knowledge and it's an ever growing field.


So these are our top five picks for the IT fields or the segments that you can pick up. Now all of these segments are gigantic and are gonna require at least two years or three years to have a friendlier nature in these fields. Now these fields when you pick up you can actually explore more in depth about these fields and these fields probably are going to be one of the things that you'll be doing forever or at least next five or ten years in your IT life. Now all of the thing these fields are having amazing potential, amazing salaries, amazing roles but the most important thing is how good you are in that field. It's not about picking up just the one segment or one language in the programming, it's about whole in general that how good you are in programming similarly for testing it's not about how good you are in selenium it's about how good you are in testing. So make sure you never pick up a tool that you like or a language that you like. Pick about what the segment is where you want to go further. Now of course after a couple of years let's just say three to five years you're gonna automatically be master of many other fields. As well most of the programmers who are having four to eight years of experience in programming eventually automatically become half of the devops because they have done so much of work and development and if you have your interest in UI/UX within like four to eight years you will be an expert.

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