Mcq On Java Lang

1.Which of the following would compile without error?

A. int a = Math.abs(-5);
B. int b = Math.abs(5.0);
C. int d = Math.abs(5L);
D. int c = Math.abs(5.5F);

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2. Which of these classes encapsulate runtime state of an object?

A. Class
B. Runtime
C. System
D. Cache

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3. Which of these classes is not included in java.lang?

A. Class
B. Integer
C. Array
D. Byte

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4. Which of the following will produce an answer that is closest in value to a double, d, while not being greater than d?

A. (int)Math.abs(d);
B. (int)Math.max(d);
C. (int)Math.min(d);
D. (int)Math.floor(d);

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5. Which of these methods returns the class of an object?

A. getClass()
B. WhoseObject()
C. Class()
D. WhoseClass()

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