Pay Per Click MCQs

11. What are the steps in the buying funnel?

A. Interest, consideration, buy, retention
B. Awareness, shopping, learning, buying
C. Awareness and interest, consideration, buy, retention
D. Awareness, learn, buying, shopping

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12. What is the difference between semantic and syntactic match types?

A. Semantic match type focuses on the actual words; and syntactic match type focuses on the meaning of the words.
B. Syntactic match type focuses on the actual words; and semantic focuses on the meaning of the words.
C. Syntactic match type is an old match type that you can no longer create.
D. Each match type can show up for words in any order as long as all your keywords are in the search term

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13. If you are building a brand new PPC account; and you want to start with your top converting terms, where is a good place to research where to find these terms?

A. Your analytics account
B. Your search console account
C. Your merchant center account
D. Your local business account

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14. What is the advantage of using multi-ad group testing?

A. Can find insights across multiple ad groups
B. Can find the best ad for each keyword
C. Can find the best ad for a single targeting type
D. Can test high traffic ad groups

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15. Which ad extension allows you to send traffic to different pages on your website?

A. Structured snippet
B. Call
C. Sitelink
D. Callout

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16. What is an affinity audience?

A. Users who are similar to your remarketing list
B. Users who are in-market to buy a product
C. Users who show a long term interest in a topic
D. Users who are similar to your customer match list

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17. Where do you create a remarketing list?

A. In Google Ads
B. In Google Analytics
C. In Google Remarketing Console
D. In Google Ads or Google Analytics

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18. What is an advantage of using bid rules?

A. Full automation of your bidding
B. Automation of your manual bid process
C. Automatic application of phone call data to your bidding
D. Receive bid assistance based upon the likelihood of a conversion

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19. When you need to create thousands of ad groups, what is the best tool to use?

A. Bulk interface creator
B. Report editor
C. Keyword Planner
D. Google Ads Editor

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