SQL MCQ - Entity Relationship Model

11. In a many to one relationship, the primary key of one entity acts as foreign key on which side?

A. On the side where single (one) relationship is defined
B. On the side where many relationship is defined
C. On both the sides
D. Neither of them

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12. A weak entity set in an E-R diagram is an entity set that :

A. has a primary key
B. must be part of a one to many relationship set
C. is not existence dependent on a dominant entity
D. must not participate as owner in an identifying relationship with another entity set

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13. In an E-R, Y is the dominant entity and X is a subordinate entity. Then which of the following is incorrect ?

A. operationally, If Y is deleted, so is X
B. operationally, if X is deleted, Y remains the same
C. operationally, if X is deleted, so is Y
D. X existence is dependent on Y

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14. Choose the most appropriate choice with respect to conceptual design.

A. Conceptual design is a documentation technique. Once the relation schemes are defined one can draw E-R diagrams from the relation schemes for documentation
B. Conceptual design needs data volumn and processing frequencies to determine the size of the database
C. Output of any conceptual design is an E-R diagram
D. Conceptual design involves modeling the data requirements independent of the DBMS, operating system and the hardware.

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15. The number of entities to which another entity can be associated via a relationship set is expressed as :

A. Entity
B. Cardinality
C. Schema
D. Attributes

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16. Relations produced from an E-R model will always be in :

A. First normal form
B. Second normal form
C. Third normal form
D. Fourth normal form

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17. The attributes made up of more than one single attributes are called

A. Composite attribute
B. Derived attribute
C. Single value attribute
D. Multi value attribute

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18. An association of several entities in an Entity-Relation model is called :

A. Tuple
B. Record
C. Relationship
D. Field

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19. Which of the following statements are true?
I. Entity Relationship Model is process oriented Model
II. Entity Relationship model belong to Semantic model category

A. I Only True
B. II Only True
C. Both I And II
D. None of the above

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20. We wish to ensure that a value that appears in one relation for a given set of attributes also appears for a certain set of attributes in another relation. This condition is called ___________ .

A. Join integrity
B. Relational integrity
C. Referential integrity
D. Set integrity

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