SQL Multiple Choice Question - SQL Basic

11. Create table student(name varchar ,id integer) What type of statement is this ?


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12. To remove a relation from an SQL database, we use the ______ command.

A. Delete
B. Purge
C. Drop table
D. Remove

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13.  Updates that violate __________ are disallowed .

A. Integrity constraints
B. Transaction control
C. Authorization
D. DDL constraints

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14. Which of the following creates temporary relation for the query on which it is defined

A. With
B. From
C. Where
D. Select

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15. Which of the following is not a aggregate function ?

A. With
B. Avg
C. Sum
D. Min

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16.  A Database Management System is

A. Collection of interrelated data
B. Collection of programs to access data
C. Collection of programs
D. None of the mentioned is correct.

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17. Which of the following is not disadvantages of file system to store data?

A. Data redundancy and inconsistency
B. Difficulty in accessing data
C. Data isolation is not present
D. High Cost

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18. Which of the following is not a features provided by DBMS?

A. Maintain accuracy of data
B. Utilities for performance analysis and logging
C. Ensure modifications are successful or not done at all
D. Recovery mechanism for data

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19.  A relational database consists of a collection of

A. Table
B. Record
C. Fields
D. Attributes

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20. The set of permitted values of an attribute is called

A. Tuple
B. Domain
C. Column
D. Table

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