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11. Choose a data type to store weight of a person in kilograms with accuracy of 1 gram. As per wikipedia, Jon Brower Minnoch was the heaviest human ever recorded with a weight of 635kg.

A. NUMBER(3,3)
B. NUMBER(3,2)
C. NUMBER(6,2)
D. NUMBER(6,3)

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12. Which of the following statements are TRUE?

A. Scale denotes number of digits allowed after decimal point
B. SQL performs rounding if user attempts to store a value that has higher scale than the data type
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

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13.  This set of Database Questions & Answers focuses on SQL Data Types and Schemas Dates must be specified in the format

A. mm/dd/yy
B. yyyy/mm/dd
C. dd/mm/yy
D. yy/dd/mm

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14. Values of one type can be converted to another domain using which of the following ?

A. Cast
B. Drop type
C. Alter type
D. Convert

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15. Choose the most suitable data type in case multiple data types are possible for the column. Column Name: Gender ; Description: A single character; gender code, M or F Example: M

A. CHAR(11)
C. CHAR(1)

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16. Many current-generation database applications need to store photographs, or of the order megabytes and gigabytes using

A. Large-index type
B. Large-object type
C. Large-location type
D. Large-locator type

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17. Current date is returned by the method

A. system.date
B. current.date
C. machine.date
D. today.date

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18. Data types in SQL Server are organized into how many categories?

A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9

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19. You want to track date and time of the last write access per row?

A. Add TIMESTAMP column to the table
B. Add a DATETIME column to the table and assign getdate() as the default value
C. Add a DATETIME column to the table and write a trigger that sets its value
D. Add a UNIQUEIDENTIFIER column to the table and use it with SQL Server's built-in functions

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20. In case of SQL Server 2005, binary data type can hold:

A. Fixed-length binary data with a maximum of 6000 bytes.
B. Fixed-length binary data with a maximum of 3000 bytes.
C. Fixed-length binary data with a maximum of 1024 bytes.
D. Fixed-length binary data with a maximum of 8000 bytes.

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