Ruby Basic MCQ

11. On which platform ruby runs on ?

A. Windows
B. Mac OS
C. Unix
D. All of the above

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12. Ruby was written in?

A. C
B. C++
C. Java
D. Objective C

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13. Which will be output for the followinf code?

puts "Hello, Ruby!";

A. Hello, Ruby
B. Hello Ruby!
C. Hello, Ruby!
D. Hello Ruby

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14. Which of the following is not a Reserved Words in Ruby?

A. begin
B. ensure
C. retry
D. pass

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15. Which statement is used to declares code to be called before the program is run?

A. Start
B. Begin
C. Here
D. End

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16. Block comment conceals several lines from the interpreter with?

A. =begin and =end
B. =start and =end
C. =here and =end
D. =begin and =ending

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17. Which of the following is a Reserved Words in Ruby?

A. do
B. or
C. in
D. All of the above

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18. Which of the following features does the 2.0 version of ruby supports?

A. New literals
B. Security fixes
C. Method keyword arguments
D. All of the above

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19. What is the extension used for saving the ruby file?

A. .rb extension
B. .ruby extension
C. .rrb extension
D. .rbb extension

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20. Ruby 2.7.1 version release date?

A. 31-03-2019
B. 31-01-2020
C. 31-03-2020
D. 31-04-2019

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