Cyber Security Quiz

Play this quiz that will help you to excel in Cyber Security certification exams, placements etc. This Cyber Security quiz consist of 10 questions that you need to solve in 10 minutes. We’ve specially designed this quiz so that you can quickly acquaint to the pattern of questions you can be asked in placement drives, certification exams etc.

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Cyber Security MCQs

Practice Cyber Security MCQ Questions, which will help you to understand various digital threats and its prevention.

Cyber Security Quiz

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Cyber Security Quiz

1. The ________ needs _________ to the system that is having a password file or the hacker needs to crack the system by other means.

Physical access, Offline attack
Offline attack, Physical access
Physical access, Online attack
Online attack, Physical access

2. A _________ produces a signature for the document.

Key generation algorithm
Signature verifying algorithm
Signing algorithm

3. What can you do to avoid forgetting the strong passwords as they can be difficult to remember?

Use mnemonics
Develop a password strategy
Use password management software with encryption
All of the above

4. Which method uses stochastic properties of the computer system to investigate activities lacking digital artifacts?

Stochastic forensics
Both A and B
None of the above

5. How many c's in computer forensics?


6. Which of the following are example of Open Design?

DVD player
Content Scrambling System
Both A and B
None of the above

7. Mobile phone operating systems contain open ________ that or may be vulnerable to different attacks.


8. Which principle states sometimes it is more desirable to record the details of intrusion that to adopt a more sophisticated measure to prevent it?

Work Factor
Psychological acceptability
Least Common Mechanism
Compromise Recording

9. Which of the following malware do not replicate or reproduce through infection?


10. Which signature allows a user to sign a single document digitally?

Approval Signatures
Certified Signatures
Visible Digital Signature
Invisible Digital Signature