Cloud Computing Hypervisor Questions

11. Point out the wrong statement

A. Load balancing virtualizes systems and resources by mapping a logical address to a physical address
B. Multiple instances of various Google applications are running on different hosts
C. Google uses hardware virtualization
D. All of the above

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12. Which of the following is another name for the system virtual machine?

A. software virtual machine
B. hardware virtual machine
C. real machine
D. virtualization hypervisor

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13. An operating system running on a Type ______ VM is full virtualization.

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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14. Which of the following will be the host operating system for Windows Server?

A. VirtualLogix VLX
B. Microsoft Hyper-V
C. Xen
D. All of the above

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15. Point out the correct statement.

A. A virtual machine is a computer that is walled off from the physical computer that the virtual machine is running on.
B. Virtual machines provide the capability of running multiple machine instances, each with their own operating system
C. The downside of virtual machine technologies is that having resources indirectly addressed means there is some level of overhead
D. All of the above

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16. In _______ the virtual machine simulates hardware, so it can be independent of the underlying system hardware.

A. paravirtualization
B. full virtualization
C. emulation
D. None of the above

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17. Which of the following is a service that creates and manages virtual network interfaces.

A. VMware vStorage
B. VMware vNetwork
C. VMware vCompute
D. Application services

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18. Which of the following runs on Xen Hypervisor?

A. Azure
D. All of the above

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19. The software that support virtual machine is called?

B. Hypervisor
C. Kernal
D. Both A and B

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20. Which of the following is an example of Type 2 Virtual Machine Monitors?

A. Virtual Server 2005 R2
B. VMWare Fusion
C. Windows Virtual PC
D. All of the above

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For Question 20, the answer provided is wrong since Microsoft Hyper V is Type 1 VMM