10 Best Websites to Learn Programming Languages

10 best websites to learn coding/programming

We are living in an era of mobile and web technology, where everything is possible with a touch of a button. Similarly, over the years, the education industry has faced rapid transformation from digitization of education courses, smart classes, and educational web applications, which are focused on helping students academically and make their studies easier.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to code or create computer software apps or websites, there are tons of places on the internet that will teach you the skills you need to get started, and many of them are free. In this article, we will show you the 10 most popular websites to learn programming, where you can learn how to code. This article will primarily focus on the top websites for programmers, in no particular order, to learn the absolute basics of programming. The educational platforms listed here will help you learn better, solve problems, and take guidance anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 Websites for Learning Programming

1. Coursera

Coursera provides free access to world-class education offered by the top universities. Renowned university professors are working with Coursera to make high-quality courses, in a wide range of disciplines, available to people all around the world. Classes offered on Coursera are designed to help you master the material and you'll be able to learn at your own pace work on your own schedule, test your knowledge, and reinforce concepts through interactive exercises. Unlike traditional hour-long lectures, the courses break down complex ideas into short video segments that are easy to digest. Each course provides lectures, homework assignments, and deadlines. When you join a Coursera class, you'll also be a part of a global community of thousands of students who will learn alongside you. At any time of day or night, you'll be able to ask questions, make suggestions, get feedback on course topics both from peers and experts in the field. Whether you seek to improve your resume, advance your career, expand your knowledge, or gain confidence from successfully completing a challenging university course, Coursera can help you achieve your goals. Coursera is changing the face of education globally, and Coursera invites you to be a part of it.

2. Udemy

Getting an amazing education is a must! But going to classes and listening to boring teachers can be very painful and expensive. Luckily we have the Internet, but it is so hard to find courses that are high-quality, cheap, and easily accessible!. Not any more! thanks, to.. udemy! udemy is the online academy for YOU! At udemy you can find hundreds of great courses from world-class instructors You can learn stuff like: How to create awesome demo videos cheaply, How to program in Python, Ruby or HTML, How to start your own company, Even how to wiggle your feet to the rhythm of Salsa! But what if YOU want to teach others what you know? No problem.. udemy makes it super easy to create your own course in a few steps. Just create an account for free Give your course a name Upload all your content in any format: video, audio, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc Publish It's now accessible to anyone, at any time, all over the world! you can even set a price for your course so you can make some money! Learn anything, teach anything at.. udemy The academy of you.

3. Pluralsight

When you want to be the best you have to train with the best, Pluralsight gives you access to the most elite developer IT and creative experts around the people who know their field so well they're driving our industry forward what they'll teach you you won't find anywhere else Pluralsight training can make the difference when it comes to landing your dream job scoring that life-changing promotion or helping your team save the day. Pluralsight adds new courses daily so you can feel confident you're learning the latest skills and technologies in a real hands-on and practical way plug into Pluralsight to brush up on something quickly or achieve expert-level knowledge no matter what skills you need or how deep you need to go Pluralsight have got you covered. Pluralsight is preparing you for the most in-demand and understaffed jobs of today Pluralsight make our vast online library affordable for people around the world because it's not just about what you learn but how you learn so what are you waiting for try Pluralsight free today.

4. BigDegree

BitDegree is a blotch in power online educational platform with tech talent acquisition and token scholarships bdg, the token will connect students instructors and the blowers in an equally beneficial way.BitDegree believe that education has to be accessible for everyone and vision is to connect learners, who want to study instructors, who can teach and employers, who want to hire tech talent and for the transparency of platform decentralization is a must a user base of over 29 million and MVP and eight world-class advisors will be giving an opportunity for students to earn while they learn the success of a host injure a company behind the world's biggest free web hosting brand assemble that building record team that is building an educational change it's gonna be beautiful and it's gonna be huge current education system is caught in the past the internet and one of its special characteristics is that it can reach millions of people in ways that speak directly to them and and give them an education that they really and use that's what the BitDegree is pursuing assets of that they're gonna pursue is a way of reaching millions of people with material that they need in order to succeed.it's a new world and BitDegree think that all the elements are there to allow them to really make a difference in the world for the very first time you have a system that possibility of earning while you learn and earning while you teach others so this is just changes everything that blockchain allows is the co-creation of value so the more that the community contributes then the more valuable everything becomes so this is a virtuous cycle.

5. Udacity

At Udacity, they are reinventing education by bridging the gap between the skills employers need and what traditional universities teach. Udacity team up with leading industry and academic experts to build courses that allow our global students to become fluent in modern technology, programming, higher mathematics, science, and critical thinking. You can learn how to program a robotic car with Udacity co-founder Sebastian Thrun. Develop a game in HTL5 with Google's Colt McAnlis and Peter Lebers and even build a blog with Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman. You can also advance your education with a computer science master's degree. Udacity believes that to effectively learn students must be engaged through active participation. The average Udacity video is one minute long and you will be challenged to solve practical problems along the way. Instead of watching long lecture videos here at Udacity, you learn by doing. Learning is a lifelong pursuit that should be flexible enough to incorporate into your everyday routine. Udacity courses are highly interactive, relevant, flexible, and available to everyone online for free. Invent your future and sign up today.

6. EDX

Harvard University and MIT combined forces to create EDX the single biggest innovation in education since the printing press.EDX is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the goal of educating 1 billion students and EDX believes it's the future of online education. In 2013, EDX open-sourced its code now every University, corporation, NGO government or entrepreneur can use this amazing tool the platform itself includes an LMS that students use in it also includes studio a sophisticated course creation tool leading organizations are now using open EDX for blended learning employee training custom onboarding and more. So if you are looking to use open EDX and either doesn't know where to start or in the middle of implementation or need long term 24/7 maintenance and support EDX can help at extension engine EDX have nearly 200 experts and experience implementing customizing and supporting the open EDX platform.

7. LinkedIn Learning

Learn more achieved more that's the message LinkedIn learning has for individuals and organizations.LinkedIn has a goal is to help you and your employees discover and learn the skills needed to be productive and successful through a highly personalized data-driven engaging learning experience. LinkedIn learning combines three core elements diverse and high-quality content, personalized curation, and Anytime Anywhere convenience but it begins with content.LinkedIn content covers topics employees must have to be successful and topics organizations need to engage develop and retain top talent in today's competitive job market. Courses are taught by industry experts all with real-world experience. The LinkedIn business library covers courses on leadership and management talent management effective communication strategy and career development, LinkedIn technology library covers in-demand topics including programming infrastructure and operations data science and networking that are critical to software engineering and IT managers LinkedIn creative library covers topics for CAD and creative professionals with an emphasis on design and staying on top of emerging trends and technologies in addition to LinkedIn diverse content unique insights from the world's largest professional network allow us to create a personalized learning experience for you and your employees with 450 million member profiles and billions of engagements. On LinkedIn, they have a unique view of how jobs industries organizations and skills continually evolve with this data they can identify the skills you and your employees need and deliver expert-led courses to help attain those skills these same insights also empower managers or L&D professionals to easily identify and recommend the most relevant content to their teams and employees today's workforce has more competing demands for their time than ever before to help make it convenient to learn anytime anywhere LinkedIn mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you and your employees to take LinkedIn industry experts everywhere including offline they are proud of LinkedIn courses and LinkedIn platform but mostly they are proud that millions of people will acquire the skills needed to be more productive and successful with LinkedIn learning they are introducing a revolution in learning and evolution of you and your organization.

8. Tutorialspoint

TutorialsPoint originated from the idea that there exists a class of readers who respond better to online content and prefer to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing rooms. TutorialsPoint brings simple to understand Text and Video tutorials at zero cost and covers many subjects including IT, Engineering, MBA, MCA, Management, Various Exams Preparation, and Academic subjects. Staying ahead of the curve demands learning newer technologies it also helps you progress in your career. Tutorialspoint is an online school for technology studies the interface is intuitive teaching you what exactly you need to know. Every developer learns from tutorialspoint online courses every day. Learn new stuff take examples and solve exercise absolutely free and get you to learn something new with each passing day. You get to learn something new every day, you didn't know yesterday the skills and tutorialpoint will helped you to grow personally and professionally acquire the skills you need for your job or traverse in your career through online courses, all you need to do is to set your goals.Tutorialspoint focuses will help you to achieve them.Tutorialspoint takes you wherever you want to go by expanding opportunities extensive collection of courses self-learning content 24x7 access zero price guaranteed learning only a tutorialspoint.

9. Treehouse

You're beginning learning new things takes time but if you keep at it you can make amazing things.Treehouse is designed to be the best way to learn how to code and make apps whether you're learning at home or on the go. Treehouse is available anywhere you are let's take a moment and explain how treehouse works. Treehouse is made up of courses they have hundreds of courses on a wide variety of topics each course is broken into stages, stages focus on specific subjects within that course and have quizzes and code challenges to assess your knowledge and help you retain what you just learned you can start with whatever course you're interested.If you don't know where to start treehouse has tracks which are like playlists that help you learn the right things in the right order when you have questions along the way and when you get stuck you're not alone there are thousands of students in the treehouse community who want to help you succeed.

10. Futurelearn

All across the world, people want access to quality education and now the technology exists to deliver this one key development future learn have seen over the past year or so is the emergence of MOOCs. MOOCs are massive open online courses in the United Kingdom more than 20 of the top universities have teamed up with some of the most highly-rated international universities to create the next generation of open online education this is future their. Futurelearn will offer courses from world-class universities accessible on desktop tablets and mobile allowing people to fit learning around their lives rather than their lives around learning. Futurelearn builds on the unique experience of its founder the Open University which has been delivering quality higher education and full degree qualifications at a distance to millions of students globally for more than 40 years partners in this venture include many of the world's best universities who've been joined by institutions which can give access to amazing content and cultural heritage like the British Library the British Museum and the British Council.Futurelearn is an independent company created by a team with a great track record delivering innovative consumer experiences from the BBC iPlayer to massively multiplayer online games and social media platforms such as Skype when future learn comes online later this year it will bring something different something fresh and exciting to digital learning using world-class learning design and the power of the social web to inspire enjoyable journeys of learning and discovery for free courses for everyone starting later this year future learn learning for life.

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