JavaScript Questions and Answers

61.JavaScript can be written __________

A. directly into JS file and included into HTML
B. directly on the server page
C. directly into HTML pages
D. directly into the css file

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62. When a class B can extend another class A, we say that:

A. A is the superclass and B is the subclass
B. B is the superclass and A is the subclass
C. Both A and B are the superclass
D. Both A and B are the subclass

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63. Which method receives the return value of setInterval() to cancel future invocations?

A. clearInvocation()
B. cancelInvocation()
C. clearInterval()
D. clear()

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64. The pop() method of the array does which of the following task ?

A. decrements the total length by 1
B. increments the total length by 1
C. prints the first element but no effect on the length
D. updates the element

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65. What will be the return value of the write() method when the Node cannot write the data immediately and has to buffer it internally?

A. 0
B. 1
C. True
D. False

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66. What will happen if you reference document.location from within an object?

A. Traverses the queue
B. Finds the bugs
C. Traverses the stack
D. Traverses the array

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67. What is a closure?

A. Function objects
B. Scope where function’s variables are resolved
C. Both Function objects and Scope where function’s variables are resolved
D. Function return value

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68. Which is the method invoked to connect the last vertex back to the first?

A. closePath()
B. close()
C. connectlast(first)
D. connect()

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69. What is the need for bubble charts?

A. Represent 2D data
B. Represent 3D data
C. Represent 2D and 3D data
D. Represents meta data

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70. How to get a particular value using the tagged name?

A. getElementbyID()
B. getElementsbyName()
C. getElementsbyTagName()
D. getTagName()

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