JavaScript Mcq Questions

11. JavaScript is designed for following purpose -

A. to style HTML pages
B. to execute Queries related to databases on a server
C. to add interactivity to html pages
D. All of the above

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12. What will be the output of the following Javascript code?
    var string1 = ”Letsfindcourse”;
    var intvalue = 30;
    alert( string1 + intvalue );

A. Letsfindcourse 30
B. 30
C. Letsfindcourse30
D. Exception

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13. Among the following, which one is a ternary operator in JavaScript?

A. #
B. ::
C. &:
D. ?:

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14. What are the three important manipulations done in a for loop on a loop variable in javascript?

A. the initialization, the Incrementation, and update
B. the initialization, the test, and the update
C. the initialization, the test, and Incrementation
D. All of the above

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15. What does javascript use instead of == and !=?

A. It uses bitwise checking
B. It uses === and !== instead
C. It uses equals() and notequals() instead
D. It uses equalto()

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16. What should appear at the very end of your JavaScript?
The <script language="javascript"> tag

A. <script>
B. <script>
C. </script language="javascript">
D. All of the above

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17. Among the keywords below, which one is not a statement?

A. if
B. with
C. debugger
D. use strict

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18. How do we define the term Thread?

A. Device that controls input
B. Variable that controls movement
C. Controlled execution of applications
D. None of the above

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19. Which symbol is used for comments in Javascript?

A. \\
B. //
C. \* *\
D. \* */

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20. Which of them is not the looping structures in JavaScript?

A. for
B. while
C. forwhich
D. dowhile

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