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11. Which of these is a process of converting a simple data type into a class?

A. type casting
B. type conversion
C. type wrapping
D. None of the Mentioned

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12. Which of the following is method of wrapper Float for converting the value of an object into byte?

A. Bytevalue()
B. byte bytevalue()
C. bytevalue()
D. Byte Bytevalue()

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13. Which of these methods is used to check for infinitely large and small values?

A. isInfinite()
B. Isinfinite()
C. isNaN()
D. IsNaN()

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14. Which of the following methods is a method of wrapper Integer for obtaining hash code for the invoking object?

A. Integer hashcode()
B. int hashcode()
C. int hashCode()
D. int hash()

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15. Which of the following method of Process class can terminate a process??

A. void terminate()
B. void destroy()
C. void exit()
D. void kill()

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