Mcq - Array In Java

21. Which of these is an incorrect Statement?

A. It is necessary to use new operator to initialize an array
B. Array can be initialized using comma separated expressions surrounded by curly braces
C. Array can be initialized when they are declared
D. None of the mentioned

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22. What is the type of variable ‘b’ and ‘d’ in the below snippet?

int a[], b;
int []c, d;

A. ‘b’ and ‘d’ are int
B. ‘b’ and ‘d’ are arrays of type int
C. ‘b’ is int variable; ‘d’ is int array
D. ‘d’ is int variable; ‘b’ is int array

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23. Which of these is necessary to What is the output of below snippet?specify at time of array initialization?

Object[] names = new String[3];
names[0] = new Integer(0);


A. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
B. ArrayStoreException
C. Compilation Error
D. Code runs successfully

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24. How to sort an array?

A. Array.sort()
B. Arrays.sort()
C. Collection.sort()
D. System.sort()

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25. How to copy contents of array?

A. System.arrayCopy()
B. Array.copy()
C. Arrays.copy()
D. Collection.copy()

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