MCQ On OOPS Concept - C++ Programming

19.Can main() function be made private?

A. Yes, always
B. Yes, if program doesn’t contain any classes
C. No, because main function is user defined
D. No, never

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20. At what point of time a variable comes into existence in memory is determined by its

A. Data type
B. Storage class
C. Scope
D. All of the above

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21.Which of the following concepts is used to implement late binding?

A. Static function
B. Virtual function
C. Const function
D. Operator function

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22.For Cat and Animal class, correct way of inheritance is

A. Class Cat: public Animal
B. Class Animal: public Cat
C. Both are correct way
D. None is correct way

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23.Which of the following operators cannot be overloaded ?

A.  .
B.  ?:
C.  >>
D.  Both A and B

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24. Which one of the following options is correct about the statement given below? The compiler checks the type of reference in the object and not the type of object.

A. Inheritance
B. Polymorphism
C. Abstraction
D. Encapsulation

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25.Which of the following correctly describes overloading of functions?

A. Virtual polymorphism
B. Transient polymorphism
C. Ad-hoc polymorphism
D. Pseudo polymorphism

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26.How many loops are there in C++ 98?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

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