MCQ - File Handling in C++ Programming

15. If we have object from ofstream class, then default mode of opening the file is _____

A. ios::in
B. ios::out
C. ios::in|ios::trunc
D. ios::out|ios::trunk

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16.Which is correct syntax for, position n bytes back from end of fileObject ?

A. FileObject.seekg(ios::end, n);
B. FileObject.seekg(n, ios:end );
C. FileObject.seekg(n, ios::end );
D. FileObject.seekg(ios:end, n);

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17. When fopen() is not able to open a file, it returns

B. Null
C. Runtime error
D. Compiler dependent

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18.By default, all the files are opened in which of the following mode?

A. Binary Mode
B. Text Mode
C. Sequential Mode
D. Both A and B

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19.How many objects are used for input and output to a string?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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20.Calling the stream's member function sync() causes an immediate synchronization.

A. Yes

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21.Which of the following is not used to seek a file pointer?

A. ios::cur
B. ios::beg
C. ios::end
D. ios::set

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