MCQ - Constructor And Destructor in C++ Programming

17.Can destuctors be private in C++?

A. Yes
B. No

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18. Allocation of memory to objects at the time of their construction is known as ……………. of objects.

A. Run time construction
B. Dynamic Construction
C. Initial Construction
D. Staic Construction

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19.We must use initializer list in a constructor when

A. There is a reference variable in class
B. There is a constant variable in class
C. There is an object of another class. And the other class doesn't have default constructor
D. All of the above

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20.Which of the following implicitly creates a default constructor when the programmer does not explicitly define at least one constructor for a class?

A. Preprocessor
B. Linker
C. Loader
D. compiler

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21.constructor _______ to allow different approaches of object construction

A. Cannot overloaded
B. Can be overloaded
C. Can be called
D. Can be nested

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22.When are the Global objects destroyed?

A. When the control comes out of the block in which they are being used
B. When the program terminates
C. When the control comes out of the function in which they are being used.
D. As soon as local objects die

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23.Whenever const objects try to invoke non-const member functions, the compiler …………………

A. Return zero value
B. Return Null
C. Generate error
D. Return no Value

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24.When a copy constructor may be called?

A. When an object of the class is returned by value
B. When an object of the class is passed (to a function) by value as an argument.
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above

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